I had difficulty completing the simplest tasks such as opening jars, carrying parcels and walking to the local shop. Under her guidance, I am thrilled to say the change in my physical ability has improved dramatically. She has put together and overseen a program that has taught me how to execute pain free movement. She has done this by building up my strength and teaching me correct body alignment and weight transfer. My results have been slow but consistent. 

For the past 4 months I have been travelling weekly between two cities for work. I made it a priority whenever in Sydney to ensure I had sessions with Jane-Maree. 

With her skills and knowledge I managed to perform my duties unaided. It is clear to me that in order for me to maintain my current level of mobility I need to continue with our sessions indefinitely. You may say she is crucial to my on-going employment. 

Due to my condition I am unable to execute any weight bearing exercises and Jane-Maree uses a range of equipment to support me. 

She even transports me to and from where we train, when I am without a vehicle as it is too difficult for me to walk, as well as train.


I am a 65 year old Social Worker in the process of retiring from my private practice.

I have known Ms. Hurley for 5 years. My husband and I, [ and many others] count ourselves fortunate that she regularly attends our local gym so we have the opportunity to attend her classes three times each week. Ms. Hurley takes particular concern with the issues of older people, a rare skill, I find. In my own case, the fact that she is aware that many older people have falls, has been particularly beneficial. Because of her regular instruction, focussing on balance and upper and lower body strength, I was able to save myself from serious injury when I recently had a bad fall, [due to a dangerous footpath]. Over the years Ms. Hurley has developed a professional bond with her pupils. Although most of Ms. Hurley's instruction to me is in classes, she also takes time to give me individual guidance and is aware of my particular physical needs. This applies to all attendees. My GP and my husband's GP note that we are both in good health and that it is, at least in part, due to our regular exercise programme. We, and others, would be devastated if she were unable to meet with us regularly. I count my relationship with Ms. Hurley as at least as important for my on-going health as that which I have with my GP.

I value her professional and personal skills so highly that I have referred to her classes at least three clients who were consulting me for a variety of personal problems. Ms. Hurley's skills and warm personality have been of great benefit to them, [and they have been deeply troubled and not always easily managed clients]. Ms. Hurley will have been unaware of this connection with my counselling practice until she reads this letter. I have watched Ms. Hurley gradually engage the most diffident beginners who attend her class. Regular exercise is well known as a healthy activity. However, less well known, is the importance of regular connection with an encouraging teacher for those people in our community who struggle with issues of depression and anxiety.

Ms. Hurley is highly regarded at our gym as an instructor of experience, talent and dedication.. She is punctual, organised and always functions at her best. There are no "down" days. She is discrete with her knowledge of her pupil’s medical issues, some of which are of a sensitive nature. She is able to reach out to the shy, and not be put of by the difficult attendees.