• ”Working with Jane-Maree showed me that I can achieve so much more than I ever thought possible after my injury. I was very impressed with Jane-Maree's acute attention to detail and professional; yet friendly style. It was much more challenging than the physiotherapy I had received post-accident. ”
Welcome to Fitness Style

 Fitness Style offers an exercise path for everybody; with an individual approach to better your quality of life. 

No matter what your physical capability or strength, regardless of age and whether or not you’re ill or in peak health - exercise is essential for everybody. Fitness Style works with people to maximise their day to day quality of life. 

Owned by Jane-Maree Hurley, Fitness Style was established eight years ago in 2004 with one goal in mind…To help everyone achieve improved physical wellbeing. This goal has seen Jane-Maree work with a wide diversification of the community to assist in bettering strength, overall fitness and improve quality of movement for day to day functionality. 

The problems we have are part of life and sadly so too may be ill health – Regardless of whether these issues mean mental or physical impairment; or weakness either slight or more extreme, our 
services can help. While working across a broad range of fitness levels, our key focus is rehabilitation and physical issues management.